Utility pickups are considered the items found scattered throughout the various game levels that provide various benefits instead of new weapons. These items can be often found in various crates or uncovered by destroying certain structures or enemies.

Armor Plates

Armor Plates come in two varieties. First there is the regular Armor Plate, looking like a single wrench, which replenishes a small portion, about 20% or so of your armor health, filling up the ship icon in the bottom left of your screen. The Full armor Plate looks like two wrenches crossed like an X and will completely restore all of your armor hitpoints.

Armor Plates grant +100 points
Full Armor grants +500 points


Shields are little blue glowing spheres that have an image resembling you ship within them. These items will grant you a defensive shield which is like a second set of hit points for your ship, soaking up most of the damage with very little making it through to the armor. You can stack up to four layers of shields on your ship and each pickup of this item will replenish your current level while adding an additional layer up to the max. This means if you have one layer at 5% left, you will essential receive +195% to your shield strength from one of these.

Shield hit-points are represented by the blue bar to the very bottom left of the screen, representing the outer most layer’s current strength and the rings around your ship health icon representing how many layers are left.

Shields grant +1,00 points

Extra Life

As you might expect, these glowing yellow pickups which look similar to the shields except for their color, grant you an extra life with which to complete the mission. These aren’t really found in containers like the other items, mostly hidden in hard to reach areas or provided somewhere you are likely to get your ass beaten.

Bonus Point Crystals

These pickups simply grant you extra points, adding onto your score. They come in three color varieties each worth a different amount and can be found all over the place, often also dropping from a number of destroyed enemies or objects, with the more valuable types typically found in harder to reach or more dangerous areas.

Red Bonus Crystals are worth +100 points.
Green Bonus Crystals are worth +1,000 points.
Blue Bonus Crystals are worth +10,000 points.

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