Lost in Time: Meltdown

Lost in Time – Meltdown is another of the missions cut from the original Episode 1, yet left out of the Born to Burn course in Steel Storm. It is time to clear out a series of cooling towers to disable the enemy’s manufacturing facilities in the area.

Map and Objectives

Steel Storm Burning Retribution Lost in Time – Meltdown 1

– Primary Objectives –

Disable all of the cooling towers.

Level Progression and Tips:

As soon as you start out you will want to take the red path towards point A where there is a teleporter pad that shoots you across the map (blue path) to point B.

From here start to take the orange path towards the first cooling tower at point C. Keep an eye out for the continual ambushes presented in this mission, usually triggered by destroying a group of enemies or containers, two of which are a group of tanks that spawn upon approaching C and another group that spawns at the intersection west of this pint upon destroying some containers.

Before going to the second cooling tower at point E make sure to stop by at point Dto find the Beam Cannon weapon guarded by a Gun Turret and a Repair Turret that will continuously revive nearby enemies, namely the Gun Turret. The best bet here is to rush these turrets with missiles flying after clearing out any nearby tanks.

Taking out the cooling towers at point E will spawn a Heavy Proton Tank to attack you at the intersection north of you, from where you just came. Use the crevasses in the sides of the wall for cover.

Taking out the final pair of cooling towers at point F completes your primary and only objective. In addition a new large wave of hover tanks will spawn to attack you, coming down the pathway while a Resurrection Turret will spawn at point G by the exit pad, bringing back to life some previously destroyed enemies and being another pain in the ass. Try to rush it with missiles after having fought off the tank wave, pulling them as far away from the Resurrection Turret as needed to keep them from being revived.

Lost in Time – Meltdown Video Walkthrough

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