⚠️ Carrying Over Weapons Between Missions ⚠️

It is important to remember that if you pick up a weapon in a level and die before leaving the level with the weapon still equipped, that weapon will be destroyed and you will have to restart the level to obtain it again. When you leave a level with equipped weaponry it will be saved permanently, allowing you to start new missions or replay old ones with the armaments you had equipped the last time you completed a level. If you leave the next mission with a different set of weapons then those will become your new permanent set.

You cannot switch weapons outside of the levels themselves and only by retrieving and leaving with the pickups at that, even if you had those weapons saved previously. If you die in a level, you will respawn with the armaments you had equipped at the start of the mission. Lastly but still important is that this weapon continuation is specific to each group of missions in the campaign screen, thus Bonus Levels, Episode 1 and Episode 2 will have their own separate “weapon memory” and items cannot be carried over between these groups.

Primary Weapons

The Primary group of weapons are weapons which are fired constantly with the press of the Mouse 1 (left click) key by default, being more about rapid firing and filling up the screen with your shots than heavy damage. You can fire both energy and ballistic primaries at once as long as you have both equipped.

Secondary Weapons

The Secondary group of weapons are fired with the Mouse 2 key (right click) by default, providing heavier firepower for your tank. Normally you can only fire one of either the energy or ballistic weapons at a time but if you use the shift key to switch back and forth quickly, you can actually use both simultaneously.

Special Weapons

Special Weapons are those triggered with the space bar and provide useful effects. Currently there is only one special weapon, the Shockwave.

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