Burning Retribution: Beneath the Frozen Shroud

Coming back to the same map as the previous level, Beneath the Frozen Shroud takes you further into the map, exploring the cave section deeper within. Your tasks here will be to obtain access codes to the underground base while disabling the ventilation system which vents dangerous methane from the caves, keeping the enemy facilities safe.

Map and Objectives

Steel Storm Burning Retribution Beneath the Frozen Shroud 1

– Primary Objectives –

Obtain access codes from the vault.

— Secondary Objectives —

Shut down ventilation system.

Level Progression and Tips:

As you start off at point A you will notice that your ally tank, the blue Light Tank, is currently trapped behind a forcefield and will need to be let out later. For now head along the green path towards point B. Along the way you should stop by point 1 to find an Incinerator that can be destroyed to drop some armor, a Storm Plow and the Flak Cannon. If you want you can make a pass at point 2as well for various enemies to destroy and points to gain in the process, although travelling to this location isn’t necessary as part of the objectives while you want to clear the enemies along the green path to help your ally tank out for later. Taking out this location can be helpful in keeping your friend tank from being potentially distracted later, plus you can find a Minigun in a hangar here.

At point B you will find a pair of trigger pads, one which drops the nearby forcefield and the other which releases your ally from captivity. Once this happens your ally will make his way to point E, then C then finally G, dropping the forcefields around the two teleporters at C and E when it passes those locations. While your buddy makes his way along its path, you can clear up some of the enemies at point Cto facilitate its travels and help keep it alive.

Once your ally tank has made its way to disable both the forcefields guarding the teleporters at C and E you have two options. You can join forces with the allied tank to take out the heavily defended enemy base at point G in travelling the red path, which makes said task easier considering the combined firepower, or you can take the blue path to start completing your secondary objective for time efficiency.

Taking out the enemy base

Most easily done with your ally still alive, albeit probably not for much longer, the enemy base is heavily defended with several turrets, but most significantly a pair of Repair Turrets in hard to reach locations that need to be destroyed before the base turrets will stay down. You can take these out either with using the MIRV to shot over the barriers or using the shockwave repeatedly to keep the Repair Turrets disabled while you shoot apart the armed turrets to allow you to get on the other side of the barrier safely.

Once the base goes up in flames, several waves of small tanks will spawn along with a Heavy Proton Tank between it and the exit pad. Take out these smaller units first, finish off the Heavy Tank separately then pick up the red keycard you can now access from the rear of the ex-base.

Shutting down the vent system

You will have to access a series of terminals in order to deactivate the enemy’s ventilation system, the first of which is reached via the teleporter pad which should now be accessible at point C which will take you to the high ground at point D. Take out the couple of Light Plasma Turrets then access the panel at the north end to drop the forcefield, taking care to drop the Heavy Beam Cannon Turret which spawns as you do this. Once down, activate the two panels behind the downed forcefield and head back to the teleporter.

The second teleporter at point E will be your next destination, taking you to the nearby high-ground at point F. Once up here, activate the panel at the north end to drop another forcefield protecting a second pair of terminals, stopping to fight the group of small tanks that spawn from this action. Once these defenders are down, you can activate both panels to finish shutting down the ventilation system while dropping the forcefield around the goodies across from the teleporter at point E. Head back down here and pick up the extra life and if you need them, the Storm Spread and Shockwave.

When you are finished with all these tasks, you can take the red keycard you picked up from the enemy base and use it to drop the forcefield around the exit portal, both north of point G at the red X, finishing up the second level in this chapter.

Beneath the Frozen Shroud Video Walkthrough

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