Born to Burn: Acquisition

Mission 1 in the Born to Burn group of missions in Steel Storm is Headhunter – Acquisition, introducing you to some basic concepts of the game and the first types of enemies you will face. Having gained entrance to the enemy facility, it is up to you in this level to cause as much destruction as possible while leaving the area intact along with a new weapon.

Map and Objectives

Map of Headhunter - Acquisition
Map showing the important areas and path taken in the mission Headhunter – Acquisition in the game Steel Storm.

– Primary Objectives –

Disable the Forcefield

— Secondary Objectives —

Escape with the Storm Plow weapon.
Destroy the cooling tower in the courtyard.
Destroy the cooling tower past the forcefield.

1st Tower

Begin by heading directly north towards point A where you will encounter the first cooling tower alongside some enemies. Destroy this to satisfy your first secondary objective and spawn two 1,000 point (green) crystals to pick up for extra points.

First Cooling Tower
The first cooling tower you need to destroy,

Storm Plow

Head east to point B to step on a trigger here that will open the nearby force-field gate, allowing you to acquire the Storm Plow weapon directly behind it and continuing onward. These trigger pads look like metal pads with a red circle and 4 red dashes around the circle making an X. These pads will turn green when activated and ares used throughout the rest of the game to progress through levels and interact with objects.

The Storm Plow
Finding the The Storm Plow

Securing the Weapon

Once you have picked up the Storm Plow, it is important not to die (or picking up any other weapon) again until the next level. If you perish before exiting the level you picked up the weapon, it will be destroyed and you cannot reacquire it in that play-through.

Using the Storm Plow
Using the Storm Plow

2nd Tower

Destroying the next cooling tower at point C will complete another secondary objective and spawn more green crystals to pick up for 1,000 points each. Once this is done head out of the mission using the exit pad at point D, fighting the tanks in your way with the Storm Plow in hand.

Second Cooling Tower
Destroying the second Cooling Tower.

Video Walkthrough

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