Lost In Time: In Dismay

Lost In Time – In Dismay is originally the second mission of the now defunct Episode 1, now sitting as one of the Lost Missions in Steel Storm. To disable the force-field keeping you from leaving this level you will have to wreck a nearby enemy supply depot along with its cooling tower.

Map and Objectives

Steel Storm Burning Retribution Lost In Time – In Dismay 1

– Primary Objectives –

Destroy the weapon crates and the cooling tower.

Level Progression and Tips:

Now that you should have the Storm Plow weapon, you will be facing quite a bit more enemies than before. Keep in mind its slower travel speed when compared to your machine gun and try to sweep back and forth over groups of moving enemies to guarantee some good hits.

Check the wall right behind your starting position before heading south to find some pick ups.

As you head down the hallways, draw the enemy tanks away from their turrets to limit how much fire you have to doge at once. When taking out the turrets, try to duck around the many corners and edges provided to you in this level to avoid their fire while weakening their armor. Although not time efficient, you can clear the main hallway on your first left to save you some trouble when coming back here later.

At point Ayou will find your primary and only objective in this mission. Make sure to destroy all the marked crates along with the cooling tower here before proceeding, then pick up the score crystals left behind. Travel south and take the tunnel to the right to head back out into the main hallway.

Once in the main hallway, before turning right again to head outside, keep going straight after dealing with the enemies here to the opposite tunnel to find some bonus point crystals first at point B.

Finally, before stepping on the exit pad, check the hallway to its left when facing it to pick up some more bonus point crystals.

Lost In Time – In Dismay Video Walkthrough

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