“Steel Storm: Burning Retribution” Strategy Guide Index

This page serves as an index for the series of guides covering the various aspects of the video game, Steel Storm. Here you will find links to more in depth walkthroughs along with additional sections and links to specific guides added as they are published.

Level Walkthroughs

This portion of the Steel Storm guide will cover the various levels in the game, with a full walkthrough for each. Within you will find a plethora of information such as route maps, video playthroughs and additional screenshots and information about important items or locations found in each.

Level Guides


This portion of the strategy guide will cover the various hostile units you will find scattered throughout the levels of this game. Boss type hostiles have been left out of this portion, covered instead within the level walkthroughs where they show up in order to prevent spoilers and given their rarity.

This portion of the guide is split into three sections, covering the hover tanks which are most numerous and found often in groups in the game. Second you will find the Heavy Tank mini-bosses that come bristling with weaponry ready to fry you and finally the Turrets which are stationary emplacements that defend the enemy locations yet still just as deadly.

Enemy Units


Weapons come in many varieties categorized in one of 5 separate groups based on how they fire and what slot the occupy on your Tank. It is always possible to carry one of each type of weapon at once with the option of swapping out weapons that occupy the same slot. Once a weapon is picked up, you must leave the level and start a new one in order to respawn with it still equipped. If you die in the same level playthrough you picked a weapon up in, it will be destroyed and unrecoverable unless you restart the mission. Split into several groups, each section gives information on how each benefits you along with what weapons are best in what situation.

steel storm all items

Utility Pickups

Within this guide you will find information presented on the various benefits provided through utility items found in the game world of Steel Storm. These items can be often found in various crates or uncovered by destroying certain structures or enemies.

Credits & Acknowledgements

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution © 2008-2024 Kot-in-Action Creative Artel; All rights reserved. Steel Storm and Kot-in-Action logo are trademarks of Kot-in-Action Creative Artel in the United States of America and elsewhere. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

This guide is created by Standard of Entertainment to serve as a series of walkthroughs and instruction to be used with the game Steel Storm: Burning Retribution.

Where to buy Steel Storm Burning Retribution

PC users can purchase this game from the digital download services listed.
Unfortunately the developer’s store is no longer functional.

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