Burning Retribution: Icebound Paradise

In the first level of chapter two, Crushing Shackles – Icebound Paradise of Steel Storm Burning Retribution, the battle is moved to a new area, leaving the frozen caverns from the first chapter. The task here will be to gain entry to a network of caves inhabited by the enemy via a guarded teleporter on the damaged bridge.

Map and Objectives

Steel Storm Burning Retribution Icebound Paradise 1

– Primary Objectives –

Gain access to the bridge.

— Secondary Objectives —

Destroy the large shipment of supplies at the bridge.

Level Progression and Tips:

At the start of the level you will find a Storm Plow you can pick up if you want to swap out your primary energy weapon. Start taking the green path until you hit point Awhere you will find an Incinerator, two Barracks and a Obelisk guarded by some turrets. If you destroy this Incinerator you can find an extra life, Storm Spread and the Rocket Pod pick ups. Once you’ve done this you can hack the nearby panel to start dropping the forcefield. You will need to stop to fight off two separate waves of Light Tanks at about 1/3rd hacking and Medium Tanks at 2/3rds hacking.

Making your way past the now down forcefield towards point Byou will find a Heavy Proton Tank that spawns as you cross the downed field with a Beam Cannon, Shield and Full Armor sitting nearby some barriers that you can pick up. Several spawns of enemy units will be triggered during the fight with this tank so be prepared to avoid them as well.

Next make your way around the bend towards point C. Here you will find a small base with a pair of Light Plasma Turrets and a pair of Rocket Turrets. Each of the Rocket Turrets will spawn a nearby Repair Turret so be prepared to knock these out quickly, or position yourself to use the Shockwave on them as soon as they arrive. Take out the small base itself after these turrets are down to make it drop a red keycard which you can use on a nearby panel to the southeast on the waterfall. This panel drops the forcefield while also spawning a new trio of turrets at the destroyed small base, one of which is a Heavy Beam Cannon. Once these are gone you can take the teleporter to point D.

Your final task will be to now carve your way through the massive groups of crates on your way to the exit pad at point E. There aren’t many enemies beyond a few smaller tanks, some Rocket Turrets and a Heavy Proton Tank that spawns as you get close to the containers. Make sure you blast all the containers until the objective clears and pick up all the various items dropped, one of which will be the MIRV. Once the crates are gone finish off a pair of Light Plasma Turrets by the exit pad to clear the way out of this level.

Crushing Shackles – Icebound Paradise Video Walkthrough

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