Born to Burn: The Collector

The Collector is the second level in the Born to Burn Pilot Training Course of Steel Storm taking you back to the industrial type area from the first mission to destroy a heavily guarded supply depot. For the first time, you are presented with a time limit of 15 minutes to exit the level. This is rather negligible however as it is really easy to destroy everything, take your time and make it out in 5-7 minutes.

This mission will give you access to your first secondary weapon the Rocket Pod.

Map and Objectives

Map of The Collector objectives.
Map showing the important areas and path taken in the mission Headhunter – The Collector in the game Steel Storm.

– Primary Objectives –

Disable the force field that blocks the exit.
Destroy the supply containers.

Starting Off

As you can see in the map above, the majority of the key points in this map are all clustered towards the top left, northwest portion of the map with the exception of the exit portal to the far southeast. Take out the various enemies along the red line that starts from the beginning position, making your way to point A.

Headhunter The Collector - Proton Tanks
Proton Tanks attacking in Headhunter The Collector

Rocket Pod

At this location you will find some turrets guarding a Rocket Pod weapon which you will need to leave the level alive with, so try not to die once picking it up. As soon as you acquire the Rocket Pod at point A some tanks and a turret will spawn to ambush you, retreat to the east to avoid a Heavy Proton Tank that also spawns at point B until you have handled these first threats. Once fighting the Heavy Proton Tank, use concrete barriers to block its fire while getting in close, then popping out from the side real quick to unleash a rocket barrage.

Headhunter The Collector -The Rocket Pod
Grabbing the Rocket Pod in Headhunter The Collector

Leaving the Collector

Once these threats are handled you can destroy the supply containers here and step on the trigger pad at point C which disables the force-field protecting the exit, completing both objectives in the same area. You can take the teleporter pad at point D to travel up to the nearby ledge (blue line) then make your way back through some familiar ground towards the outdoors and finally the exit pad at point E.

Headhunter The Collector - Leaving
Leaving the mission in Headhunter The Collector

Video Walkthrough

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