Heavy Tanks are considered a sort of Mini Boss in Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, posing serious threats wherever they spawn however hindered by their slow speed and low mobility. It is almost always essential to use obstacles to defend yourself while engaging these units as they come quipped with several potent weapons that can quickly strip away massive hit points.

Heavy Proton Tank

Proton Heavy Tank
Proton Heavy Tank

Probably the more deadly of the two tanks, the purple bolts hurled out by the Heavy Proton Tank fly much faster than the Light Plasma bolts fired by the smaller tank brethren and do far more damage.

With an excellent aim, these units can get a lead on you quite easily so make sure to do a lot of zig-zaging when you have to be exposed to its blasts.

Heavy Minigun Tank

Minigun Heavy Tank
Minigun Heavy Tank

The Heavy Minigun Tank actually has two different weapon types at its disposal, the first being its instant hit Miniguns, very similar to the ones you possess, backed up by Light Plasma bolts.

Although its far more difficult to dodge the shots fired by this tank, the Heavy Minigun Tank does significantly less damage with its strikes than the Heavy Proton Tank.

Try to make sure you have a few extra hit points to lose before engaging one of these, as trying to dodge at low health can be a major pain.

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