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Level Walkthroughs and Guides

  • Born to Burn: Pilot Training Course
  • Burning Retribution
  • Bonus Missions
  • Lost Missions

There are 3 main sources of information presented within the level guides, covering each of the missions in Steel Storm Burning Retribution. The first of which are the pictures to the right side of the page by each level’s walkthrough. Here you will find a map drawn for each level, showing the routes to travel in order to reach the primary objectives or points of specific note, in an efficient manner. Some item pick-ups are occasionally pointed out there, but only if deemed important to keep the maps readable. Additional pictures will depict game-play scenes of certain marked points.

The text portions of the guide collate with the route map to provide details on on the main objectives, explain what the various markers represent and how these routes are used to reach these marked, important locations. Enemies and most items are assumed to be an ever present obstacle, only being pointed out here if deemed particularly volatile or note-worthy in a mission.

Finally, there is a video walkthrough for each level that can be found just below the text and picture portions that provides the most specific details on what threats are faced. If you want to know exactly where every little detail is, this is your best source with a start to finish play-through without interruptions and including an audio commentary.

Born to Burn: Pilot Training Course Missions

This walkthrough page covers the first episode, “Born to Burn: Pilot Training Course”, of the video game, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, comprising of three missions formerly part of the now defunct “Episode 1”. Each level has its own section with accompanying maps and video guide. This guide was made as though played in Classic or Hard difficulty.

Keep in mind that each episode and the bonus missions in this game have their own continuation when it comes to weapons acquired, meaning anything you pick up in a certain episode’s mission, you can take into another level of the same episode, but not into the second episode or the bonus missions. This includes second playthroughs of previously completed levels, allowing you to go back for a higher score with better weaponry.

Born to Burn: Pilot Training Course serves as your introduction to the game of Steel Storm. These levels have the easiest challenges when compared to the next episodes and the bonus missions.

Burning Retribution

This part of the walkthrough covers Episode 2 in Steel Storm, Burning Retribution, continuing the series of level guides played through the game on Classic or Hard difficulty. Part of the full game only, as opposed to Episode 1 which is part of the free version as well, Episode 2 will bring with it a series of new enemies and additional weapons previously unseen, unless you have already completed the bonus missions.

Episode 2 or Burning Retribution, is the largest set of continuous levels in the game, split into four separate chapters that each have their own group of mission. Expect to see tougher challenges, various new locales and more complicated tasks for you to accomplish.

Bonus Missions: Skirmish

This portion of the guide covers the bonus missions available in Steel Storm: Burning Retribution. In this guide you will find a section for each level, containing maps, hints and tips and a walkthrough video performed on the Classic or Hard difficulty.

These missions were added in a recent patch of the game, offer unique challenges, separate from the main progression of episodes 1 and 2. Like each episode, this group of levels have their own progression with weapons captured, starting with just the machine gun in the first level.

Lost Missions

The Lost Missions in Steel Storm are currently a set of two levels that were once a part of the old and now defunct Episode 1, before it was split and turned into the Born to Burn set of levels. Essentially separated from the main continuum of the game, these episodes are now Lost in Time, drifting through virtual space, but still accessible to be played as part of their own series.

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