Skirmish: Onslaught

The first bonus mission Onslaught, in the video game Steel Storm: Burning Retribution has you starting off once more equipped only with your Minigun. In this level you are faced with nothing but a plethora of enemies out for your blood, with the sole objective of making it out of here alive, picking up a hefty score along the way.

Map and Objectives

Steel Storm Bonus Missions Skirmish Onslaught 1

– Primary Objectives –


Level Progression and Tips:

Right as you start out, you can swap out your Minigun for a Flak Cannon if you so choose, picking it up along with some shields you will surely need in this level at point A. Continuing with picking up some initial weaponry, you can find a pair of Storm Plow weapon pick ups across the first bridge to the south at point B, after you take out the turrets there.

At point Cyou will find a portal that is continuously spewing out enemies, the first of several in this level, which you should rush and destroy after eliminating it’s spawns. Make sure to take this out ASAP, and don’t leave it alone, as it drops the Shockwave weapon which is immensely useful in this and the next mission.

At point Dyou will find a heavy tank defended by a number of Rocket and Light Plasma Turrets. These are the perfect first victims to use the Shockwave against, utilizing the many nooks to avoid their shots. You will also find your first secondary weapon, the Rocket Pod here.

Continuing onward you will find a Storm Spread weapon pick up which you can optionally trade out for your Storm Plow at point E. This weapon is especially useful in the wave which immediately begins to attack you on the bridge.

Point Fhas you facing off against a pair of Heavy Minigun Tanks defended by a pair of Beam Cannon turrets. The Shockwave is immensely useful here, making sure to use the many nooks in the walls and barriers to your advantage. Continue on to point G which is around the bend to face off against the second portal, utilizing all of your weapons to quickly plow over its spawn, taking it out before the next wave is summoned.

Heading west down the dark green path after hitting point G, you will run across an extra life that you really can’t miss at point 1 and further west, a Rocket Pod and finally the third Portal at point H. Once you’ve cleared up these hostiles, take the Teleporter at point I which connects to the pad at point J.

Following the light green path now, you can take a detour to find another Storm Spread weapon at point 2 if you need it now, or continue straight towards point K where a fourth Portal structure awaits after another hard to miss extra life pick up. Further ahead marks your final major challenge, with a Heavy Proton Tank and two Beam Cannon Turrets at point L. After clearing out this threat you can make the final stretch to point M where your exit pad awaits.

Skirmish – Onslaught Video Walkthrough

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