Skirmish: Burning Sands

The Burning Sands mission is less constrained by strict hallways in favor of a large piece of land divided into two main halves you will need to traverse to reach your objectives.

Map and Objectives

Steel Storm Bonus Missions Skirmish Burning Sands 0

– Primary Objectives –

Destroy the incinerator.
Gain access to the south side of the bridge.
Lay waste to the remaining enemy forces.

Level Progression and Tips:

From your starting location it will be time to head to point A along the red path where you will find some turrets amongst some other enemies. Take out the turrets around the Obelisk in order to drop the forcefield around the Teleporter here. When these fields are down, you can use the pad to teleport to point B (light blue path) where a Storm Plow awaits.

The field you arrive in is rife with enemies, so expect to spend quite a bit of time slugging it out with enemies in this area, along with a Heavy Proton Tank that patrols the nearby railroad. Follow the orange path, making sure to take the south path around the plateau that is point H on your way to point C that houses the Incinerator that you must destroy. If you take the north, thinner path, you will get ambushed and overwhelmed easily with little space to dodge.

Optionally on your way to point C you can take a quick detour to point 1where you can use an elevator to deactivate a forcefield next to the starting beacon. This is useful if you are having trouble in this mission, giving you a quicker route to get back into the action should you perish. Feel free to skip this if you are confident in your survival skills.

After destroying the Incinerator at point C, travel east further to reach point D where you will find a trigger pad guarded by some turrets. Step on this to deactivate the forcefield at point F allowing you to cross the bridge to the south side. Before you leave on that route, pick up the extra life at point D next to the pad and take the teleporter at point E.

This teleporter takes you into the canyon between the two main pieces of land where you can head west (yellow path) to point F, collecting some nice bonus points along the way towards another extra life before heading back from where you came to proceed on with the mission.

Arriving back at point E from traveling through the canyon, follow the brown path over the bridge at point F, remembering to stick to the sides to avoid falling through the middle, on your way to point G. You will probably have to clear the area before getting the opportunity to step on the teleporter at point G which takes you to the top of the plateau at point H that holds a rocket pod, third life and more points.

When you are finished with clearing out the enemy you can use the exit pad at point K to leave this level.

Skirmish – Burning Sands Video Walkthrough

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