At this time there is currently only one special weapon in the game Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, triggered by the space bar, the special weapon provides secondary effects that are very useful.


The Shockwave weapon is a short range effect that creates an E.M.P. blast from your Tank. This blast has two useful effects, first disabling any enemies within its radius temporarily, even if on the other side of an obstruction. This can be used to disable an enemy around a corner, then popping out to finish it off, free of return fire.

Second, the blast triggered by the Shockwave weapon can reflect any non beam weaponry that is flying towards your Tank, repelling it back at the enemy and damaging them with their own shots. This is very effective against Rocket Turrets right as they fire, as a full blast of their rockets is enough to destroy them outright. This effect is great for charging through a hail of Plasma unscathed, and combined with the Storm Shield can cause an impressive defensive effect.

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