Born to Burn Pilot Training Course Missions:


This walkthrough page covers the first episode, “Born to Burn: Pilot Training Course”, of the video game, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, comprising of three missions formerly part of the now defunct “Episode 1”. Each level has its own section with accompanying maps and video guide. This guide was made as though played in Classic or Hard difficulty.

Keep in mind that each episode and the bonus missions in this game have their own continuation when it comes to weapons acquired, meaning anything you pick up in a certain episode’s mission, you can take into another level of the same episode, but not into the second episode or the bonus missions. This includes second playthroughs of previously completed levels, allowing you to go back for a higher score with better weaponry.

Born to Burn: Pilot Training Course serves as your introduction to the game of Steel Storm. These levels have the easiest challenges when compared to the next episodes and the bonus missions.

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