Level Walkthroughs and Guides:

There are 3 main sources of information presented within the level guides, covering each of the missions in Steel Storm Burning Retribution. The first of which are the pictures to the right side of the page by each level’s walkthrough. Here you will find a map drawn for each level, showing the routes to travel in order to reach the primary objectives or points of specific note, in an efficient manner. Some item pick-ups are occasionally pointed out there, but only if deemed important to keep the maps readable. Additional pictures will depict game-play scenes of certain marked points.

The text portions of the guide collate with the route map to provide details on on the main objectives, explain what the various markers represent and how these routes are used to reach these marked, important locations. Enemies and most items are assumed to be an ever present obstacle, only being pointed out here if deemed particularly volatile or note-worthy in a mission.

Finally, there is a video walkthrough for each level that can be found just below the text and picture portions that provides the most specific details on what threats are faced. If you want to know exactly where every little detail is, this is your best source with a start to finish play-through without interruptions and including an audio commentary.

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