The Turrets are the stationary defenders of enemy bases and territory, possessing some weapons and abilities not possessed by the mobile hostiles. Of all these, probably the Repair Turret is the most potentially hazardous due to its special ability. Due to their lack of mobility you can often find ways of hitting these units directly where they cannot strike you back due to an obstruction’s edge.

Light Plasma Turret

The Light Plasma Turret shares its weapon with the Light Tank, essentially a tougher stationary variant of that enemy. It fires Light Plasma bolts at twice the rate that the Light tanks do, but is generally not a significant threat unless you are caught with a few in a tight space.

Heavy Beam Turret

The Heavy Beam Turret fires a smaller red variety of your Beam Cannon, instantly hitting you when fired for a small yet significant amount of damage. There is no good way to avoid the beam and the Shockwave cannot repel it, leaving you to fire Homing Missiles from around a corner or approaching from a direction that allows you to quickly take advantage of this turret’s slow turning speed. There is a short recharge time between shots you can also take advantage of and if tricky about quickly popping out from behind corners, can trick the Heavy Beam into firing into an obstacle.

Rocket Turret

Rocket Turrets are stationary weapons platforms featuring the same effect as your Rocket Pod weapon. These Turrets launch a barrage of rockets that actually have twice the range of your Rocket Pods, making this weapon particularly deadly in confined areas. Thankfully the missiles are slow enough to dodge in an open space with ease and the Shockwave can be used to repel the rockets back into the Rocket Turret which often is more than enough to destroy it outright. One barrage of these rockets is often enough to destroy you outright, even with full armor and a couple layers of shields.

Repair Turret

While not actually possessing any weapons of it’s own, the Repair Turret is easily the biggest pain of all four. As you may expect, the Repair Turret’s sole purpose is to rejuvenate and bring back to life any nearby husks of deceased enemies., undoing all of your handiwork where they spawn or are placed. You can listen for the distinct sound of its repair ability and the yellow beam which stretches out from the turret to it’s repair target to help you locate them if off-screen. Always try to either pull mobile enemies as far away from the Repair Turrets as possible to engage them out of it’s revive zone or quickly rush the turret, especially if it spawns in a field of dead units before it raises an entire zombie army to attack you.

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